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Well I just finished reading an advanced copy of Pastor Kevin DeYoung’s latest book, Taking God at His Word: Why the Bible is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You and Me. In light of full disclosure, I’m a huge fan of Pastor DeYoung’s daily blog posts over at DeYoung, Restless, and Reformed on The Gospel Coalition website ( Given that fact, I was very excited when Pastor Josh asked me to read his new book and provide a short review.

The title may make you visualize a very large and thick book, but it is actually fairly short in length at just 122 pages. But the book is definitely worth more than the short amount of time you will spend to read it. As Christians we hear and are often taught about the importance of God’s Word and its rightful place in our homes and hearts as a precious possession of God’s people. But we also live in an age where we constantly hear that we always need just a little bit more of ‘whatever it is’ to make us happy, healthy and wealthy. In his book, Pastor DeYoung reminds us that this is stinkin’ thinkin’ (my vernacular) when applied to the Holy Scriptures. This book is a timely reminder that the Word of God is powerful and sufficient for us now and into the future. It directly defies the voices of this modern era who espouse a very low view of the Holy Scriptures and its ultimate inerrant authority as the very Word of God and the guide for our lives.

This book encouraged me to treasure God’s Word more deeply, it rekindled my zeal for studying it, and reestablished my confidence in the fact that it is the absolute truth; which is exactly what the Lord Jesus taught his disciples concerning these scriptures (Jn 17:17-21). I do recommend this book to you. You may also want to keep an extra copy readily accessible so that you can share it with a new believer or perhaps someone you meet that may be inquiring about the things of God.

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