Below are sermons from Emmanuel Covenant Church series on Christian and Contemporary Challenges, that took place during Summer, 2012. Additional ECC sermons for 2012 may be found here.

06/13/2012 Islam: What Every Christian Needs to Know Dr. James White
(Director of Alpha & Omega Ministries)
06/27/2012 The Historical Adam: Biblical Reality and Current Challenges
Notes: Historical Adam

Richard Klaus
(Pastor of Emmanuel Covenant Church)
07/11/2012 Why and How Christians Should Seek to Influence Government for Good
Notes: Liberal and Conservative Views of Issues
Dr. Wayne Grudem
(Research Professor of Theology and Biblical Studies at Phoenix Seminary)
07/25/2012 Living in Sin…Well: Faithful Living in Babylon
Notes: Faithful Living in Babylon

Dr. Jeffery Ventrella
(Senior Vice President of  Strategic Training at the Alliance Defense Fund)
Date Title Preacher


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