These sermons either fall outside of a particular sermon series, or are from guest preachers.

Date Passage Title Preacher
01/28/2018 1 Corinthians 16:1-4 What Happens When I Give Josh Hahne
01/21/2018 Proverbs 24: 5-12 Rescue the Perishing Rev. Bill Phillips
01/14/2018 Luke 4:42-44 The Why and How of Sermons Josh Hahne
01/07/2018 Acts 14:19-23 The Lifeblood and Organization of the Church Josh Hahne
12/31/2017 John 10:7-18 Reasons for the Incarnation Rev. Bill Phillips
12/24/2017 Luke 2:1-20 The Birth of Jesus Christ Josh Hahne
12/17/2017 Isaiah 9:1-7 For to Us a Child is Born Josh Hahne
11/19/2017 Galatians 2:15-16 The Just Shall Live By Faith Rev. Pat Roach
09/17/2017 Romans 13:8-10 Christianity and Racism—Part III Josh Hahne
09/10/2017 Galatians 3:26-29 Christianity and Racism—Part II Josh Hahne
09/03/2017 1 Corinthians 15:30-34 What Do I Gain ? Rev. Kelley Hand
08/27/2017 Genesis 1:26-28 Christianity and Racism—Part I Josh Hahne
04/16/2017 1 Corinthians 15:1-20 The Resurrection Josh Hahne
01/22/2017 Acts 6:1-7 Gospel Ministry Josh Hahne
01/15/2017 Genesis 50:15-21 & Colossians 3:12 Forgiveness Rev. Bill Phillips
01/08/2017 Luke 8:40-56 I Believe in the Love of God Josh Hahne
01/01/2017 1 Timothy 4:6-10 Train-Yourself-for-Godliness Josh Hahne
012/25/2016 Luke 2:15-16 Good News of Great Joy Rev. Josh Creason
12/24/2016 Luke 1:46-55 The Magnificat Josh Hahne
12/18/2016 Luke 1:26-38 The Announcement of the Birth of Jesus Josh Hahne
12/11/2016 Luke 1:67-80 Zechariah’s Christmas Song Josh Hahne
12/04/2016 Luke 1:5-25, 57-66 The Birth of John the Baptist Josh Hahne
11/27/2016 Colossians 4:2 Pray Rev. Josh Creason
09/04/2016 Psalm 135 Overwhelmed By God Rev. Josh Creason
08/21/2016 Genesis 40: 20-41:1 The Promise of Presence: Jesus in our Darkness. Rev. Phillip Glassmeyer
07/31/2016 Amos 9:11-15 The Savior of the World Rev. Josh Creason
07/24/2016 Amos 7:1-9:10 Visions of Judgment Rev. Josh Creason
07/17/2016 1 Samuel 17 Which Promises Shape Your Expectations Rev. Phillip Glassmeyer
07/10/2016 Amos 1:2-6:22 Seek the Lord and Live Rev. Josh Creason
07/03/2016 Amos 1:1 The Shepherd Prophet Rev. Josh Creason
06/05/2016 John 17 The Church United Dr. Phil Hunter
04/24/2016 2 Kings 5:1-27 The God of Covenantal Evangelism Pastor Richard Klaus
03/27/2016 Luke 23:50-24:12 He is Risen! Josh Hahne
03/20/2016 Luke 7:36-50 Who is this Jesus? Josh Hahne
03/13/2016 1 Corinthians 9 For the Sake of the Gospel Josh Hahne
03/06/2016 Levicitus 3 Jesus, Our Peace Offering Michael Mock
02/28/2016 Matthew 13:31-33 Like a Mustard Seed Josh Hahne
01/24/2016 Psalm 103 The Goodness of God Rev. Bill Phillips
12/27/2015 Mark 15:1-39 Ironies of the Cross Pastor Richard Klaus
12/24/2015 Luke 2:8-14 Glory to the Newborn King Josh Hahne
12/20/2015 Micah 5:2 Christmas in Bethlehem Josh Hahne
12/13/2015 Genesis 3:14-15 Christmas in Eden Josh Hahne
11/29/2015 1 John 1:1-4 The Word of Life Dr. Phil Hunter
10/04/2015 Luke 6:27-38 The Golden Rule Josh Hahne
09/27/2015 Hebrews 12:14 Is holiness necessary for salvation ? Josh Hahne
09/13/2015 James 1:18-27 You, Me, & the Bible Josh Hahne
08/16/2015 1Peter 1:3-12 Living Hope Rev. Josh Creason
07/26/2015 Hebrews 13:1-6 Holy Living Rev. Bill Phillips
07/19/2015 Luke 18:1-8 Keep on Praying Rev. Ernest Williams
05/31/2015 Colossians 4:2-4 Devote Yourselves to Prayer Pastor Richard Klaus
05/03/2015 John 5: 16-30 Like Father, Like Son Pastor Richard Klaus
03/22/2015 1 Corinthians 1:17-31 The Foolishness of God; The Weakness of God. Pastor Richard Klaus
02/22/2015 Acts 2:41 A Case for Church Membership Josh Hahne
02/15/2015 Matthew 5:43-48 Common Grace Josh Hahne
01/25/2015 Jonah 4 Knowing and Loving Rev. Justin Edgar
12/24/2014 Luke 2:8-14 Glory to the Newborn King Josh Hahne
11/02/2014 Psalm 66 God over Nations, God over Me Pastor Richard Klaus
8/31/2014 Mark 14:32-42 Jesus in Gethsemane Pastor Richard Klaus
7/27/2014 Mark 9:30-37 Jesus’ Passion Pastor Richard Klaus
7/20/2014 Mark 5:1-20 Jesus’ Power (incomplete recording) Pastor Richard Klaus
7/6/2014 Selected Scripture Verses Praying for Your Church Pastor Ed Eubanks
4/27/2014 Isaiah 6:1-7 Isaiah 6:1-7 Rev Ernest Williams
4/20/2014 Mark 16:1-8 He is Risen Josh Hahne
1/12/2014 John 13:1-20 An Example for Christians Josh Hahne
1/5/2014 Philippians 3:20-21 Waiting for the King Pastor Richard Klaus
9/08/2013 Acts 20:28 To care for the church of God Josh Hahne
12/30/2012 Romans 12:9-20 The Church as Community Josh Hahne
12/23/2012 Matthew 1:18-25 Call his name Jesus Josh Hahne
11/25/2012 Luke 7:36-50 The Kindness of Christ Pastor Richard Klaus
10/7/2012 Philippians 1:19-26 To Live in Christ Rev. Josh Creason
9/30/2012 Genesis 19:30-38 Beware of Sin Josh Hahne
7/8/2012 Acts 20:36-21:8 Face to Face vs. Facebook Doug Howitt
7/1/2012 Romans 12:1-13 Pursue Radical Hospitality Doug Howitt
6/10/2012 Psalm 86 Coming to the Lord in the Midst of Trials and Hard Circumstances Rev. Josh Creason
5/13/2012 Acts 1:1-11 Long Live the King Jason Bobo
4/22/2012 Luke 9:28-36 The Road to Glory Rev. Justin Edgar
3/11/2012 Mark 5 Episodes with an Awkward Savior Jason Bobo
1/15/2012 Psalm 63 Circumstances or Convictions? Josh Hahne
1/8/2012 Matthew 22:1-14 To Party With The King Jason Bobo
1/1/2012 Colossians 3:12-15 Forgiving … as the Lord has Forgiven You Josh Hahne

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