King of Kings has created an online Google Group that is intended to act as a virtual bulletin board for the community of King of Kings, PCA. The Group name is KKMail and it’s home page can be found at The Group email address is

Our Google group  is intended to help our members communicate personal announcements to their church community (examples: prayer requests, help me move, we had a baby, I’m selling my car, etc.).  The messages are monitored to ensure that the content fits our guidelines; however, the messages are not endorsed by the church nor are they official church communication.

Here are some examples of what can be done within the group:

    • Reply to a message that someone else posted, or post a message or question of your own.
    • Get in touch and keep in touch with your group’s members.
    • Read and post messages online, or use your current email account to read and respond.
    • Create web pages right inside your group.

Often we receive messages which are good and important but not well suited for the Google group.  For instance, we never approve any of the following:

  • Forwards
  • Political Messages
  • Items of Serious Significance: I need to confess a sin against the body…
  • Messages that could be considered an odd fit for church communication: I’m selling guns, have a rash, etc.
  • Theological Discussions: “I don’t see the proof for infant baptism…”
  • Messages that Lack Clarity or Key Information: This one flags a lot of people. If you want people to come help you, don’t forget to type your address, phone number, time, etc.  Rather than thanking people for their prayers for your sister, make sure to explain that your sister has been awaiting test results…

You must be signed in to the KKMail group to view it’s content. You can become a member of the group several ways. The group owner ( may add you directly, or invite you to join the group (an email will be sent containing a URL to accept the invitation). You can also access the KKMail home page, to either contact the group owner or sign in and apply for membership. If you’d like to subscribe to the group without setting up a Google email account, you can send an email to

If you have questions about this or any other group, please visit the Google Groups Help Center at