What:   Dinner Group is intended to be a fun way to foster friendships and build relationships. King of Kings encourages everyone to either host or attend a local dinner group. The process is simple and low-key.

  Fanciness is NOT the expectation; fellowship should be your priority.

When:  tbd

How:  We want to gather in one another’s homes to enjoy meals together because we value fellowship–the sharing of life together.   There are two options for participation–hosting or attending:

Host:  As a Host, you pick a month to open your home up to a few families from King of Kings – as many as you want to have in your home.  You decide what night (Fri, Sat or Sun)  of the 1st weekend of the month works best for you and whether you want to include children or not.  Then you email Jennifer, our office manager, (office.kkchurch@gmail.com) with the following:

·         Month you want to Host

·         How many families you want to host (usually 1 to 3)?    Kids OK or just adults?

·         Whether Fri, Sat or Sun is best & times?

·         Best email, phone number and home address.

·         Do you have any pets? (In case of pet allergies)

As a Host, you provide the main dish:  a pot of spaghetti, a frozen lasagna, casserole, or burgers are all great dinners. Pick whatever you want! It shouldn’t be expensive or complicated! The dinner guests will provide a side, salad or dessert. You’ll make contact with your guests and work all this out after the invites.

Process:  Two weeks prior to your dinner date, Jennifer will send out a ‘Sign-up Genius’ email listing your dinner date. Guests will sign up for whatever dinner they want to attend. As a Host, you will see on Sign Up Genius who has selected your dinner party. Contact them right away and make them feel welcome!  Discuss the meal and give directions. The Host and Attendee will work out the dinner details together.

When you host, think beforehand about how you might use the time to get to know one another and also to discuss things of importance. You are encouraged to ask thoughtful questions (and give your own answers) such as: What have you been learning from the sermons lately? How has God been changing you? How would you like for God to change you? Are you reading any good books that are helping you grow in faith?

Attendee:  As a dinner group guest, you will need to sign up for a specific dinner group using ‘Sign Up Genius’. You just need ONE entry per family.  (Do not list the number of people in your family – instead discuss this with your host.) Sign up as soon as you can as they may fill up fast. Once signed up, indicate the side, salad or dessert you are bringing. You’ll also see the address, phone and email of the Host on Sign up Genius.  Please contact the Host ASAP to confirm your ‘reservation’. Once you have signed up, it is up to the Attendee and the Host to work out your dinner details. Also feel free to discuss any special needs, questions &  get directions. If you need to cancel unexpectedly, please notify your host as soon as possible.

Dinner Group is intended to be a fun way to foster friendships and build relationships.
Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate!