How does one become an elder or deacon at King of Kings Church?

The process of becoming an officer has three stages: Nomination, Candidacy, and then a Call from the church. We believe that this process follows the example of the church in Acts (1:21-26; 6:3-6; 14:23) as well as the instruction that Paul gives in the Pastoral epistles (1 Timothy 3:10; 5:22; etc.).

  1. Nomination: Each year between January 1 and February 28, King of Kings has a time of open nomination. During this period members may nominate any male member of the church to the office of elder or deacon. The session expects that the maturity and giftedness of a qualified individual will be so apparent that he will receive several nominations from the congregation. Upon receiving a nomination the session will consider the nominee in order to make a preliminary decision as to whether or not he should enter the process of candidacy.
  2. Candidacy: If a nominee is approved by the session he becomes a candidate for the office of elder or deacon and enters a six-month period of training and testing
    1. Training: Candidates will begin to perform the duties of their office in a limited and appropriate way, will study Scripture and other helpful material pertaining to the duties of their office, and will regularly meet with the pastor as well as the session or deaconate.
    2. Testing: During this time candidates will be evaluated with respect to their character and competencies for office. One part of this testing includes written and oral tests on their Christian experience, knowledge of the Bible, theology, and system of government in the PCA.
  3. Call: If, after this period of candidacy, the session believes a man should be an elder/deacon at King of Kings, then they will recommended him to the church in a congregational meeting. If the candidate receives a large majority of votes from the congregation, he will then be ordained as an officer of the church.