We are a church that exists to know, worship, and serve Jesus Christ so that among all peoples and in all things he might be honored as the King of Kings.

Knowing the King

  • Scripture is the word of the King and bears his authority in forming and reforming the people of God.
  • God is at work, through the gospel, to redeem humanity and the world in order to bring about his kingdom where righteousness, peace, and joy abound.

Worshiping the King

  • The greatness of the King evokes whole-hearted worship—worship that reverently celebrates the glory of God.
  • God is both present and active in worship through the reading & preaching of the Scriptures, the offering of prayers, the singing of his praise, the mysteries of baptism & the Lord’s Supper, and the fellowship of the body to transform people into the image of his Son.

Serving the King

  • God calls the church to make and mature disciples of the King.
  • God calls Christians to serve the King in every part of life so that we might bring honor, glory, and praise to Jesus Christ.